-58% MB_S_320_1999_Benzin___160.3KWKW_Bosch_0261204918_Bosch__355555_20C5.Carlson_Umbau_Auf_4,8_Liter_.ZIP

Tuned ECU dump for MB S 320 1999 Benzin 160.3KWKW Bosch 0261204918 Bosch 355555 20C5.Carlson Umbau Auf 4,8 Liter


We don't take responsibility if you choose incorrect software version for your car.
When you pick the file, be sure to be the same SW/HW number as yours.
Also we can’t take the risk if you write file with low quality clone tools that may cause problems.
You must also distinguish between different type of readouts like OBD, BDM and Bootmode.
For example you cannot write OBD readout by BDM, but you can write a BDM readout by OBD.
Original file is original flash/program data for mentioned Car/ECU and it doesn't mean it's a virgin data file!!

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