Xhorse 35160DW Chip for VVDI Prog 5pcs/lot

New Xhorse 35160DW Chip for VVDI Prog 5pcs/lot

Xhorse 35160DW Chip for VVDI Prog 5pcs/lot

Supports chip M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080V6, M35080VP, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ,36160WT,35128WT Replaced M35160WT XDPG31CH Adapter
Stable and reliable
Perfect replacement of original chip
Refuse the red dot, no need simulator soldering

How to use Xhorse 35160DW chip with VVDI Prog?
Step 1. read and backup data of 3 areas (memory, LONGID, IDLOCATION) from the original dashboard IC
Step 2. write the backup-data to 3 areas on the chip
  if the first two lines of the chip need change mileages, pls click on “Erase INC” on the bop right corner and then read out data
  if the first two lines display all zeros, manually enter a new mileage for change directly click on “Write” then done!
Step 3. solder the fixed chip on the dashboard to check if it starts or not, with or without a red dot

Package list:
5*pcs 35160DW chip

  • Brand: Xhorse
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